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Question #89
Quark user guide addendum and firmware release notes.

User quide doc ver 1.0 addendum

Page 11 in table [1 flash]: 5083MG should be changed to 5084MG

Page 11 in "Gyro Configuration" section replace text: "Press and hold the SET button for a few seconds. Once the configuration mode is active the tail servo chatters twice then rests in its centre position." with "Within 15 seconds press and hold the SET button. After 5 seconds the tail servo will chatter twice. Configuration mode is now active."

Firmware history

2v01 - Product release to testers (Septermber 2009)

2v02 - Product launch (7 December 2009)
            • Added timeout to comms protocol.
            • Added usage / lifetime counters.

2v03 - Changes to support the newly released of PC software (8 June 2010)
            • Added command for live endpoint adjustment.

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