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Knowledge base Vortex VX1 Fine tuning

Question #176
Advanced tuning guide for the RPM governor.

The P Gain translates to power response. Higher values will provide more power when the collective is punched. Excessively high values can result to RPM instability. They may also generate too much main rotor torque and this may result to the tail kicking out if the tail mechanics are unable to keep up. Excessively low values will soften the power response which will result to the main rotor momentarily bogging down when the collective is operated.

The I Gain translates to tightness in RPM control. Higher values will keep the RPM variations to an narrower band. Excessively high values will make the RPM unsettled which may also cause tail wag. Excessively low values will result to the governor taking too long to compensate and thus more RPM will be lost under load.

The D Gain controls the RPM settling time and stability. Higher D Gain values can potentially allow a higher P Gain to be used before RPM instability is seen.

The Feed-Forward controls how much of the transmitter throttle curve is passed direct to the throttle output. This is a preemptive throttle control that delivers instantaneous power from the throttle curve. The governor then has to bridge a smaller gap to the ideal throttle point making the overall response faster.

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